Monkey Business


While we were at the Chicago Food and Wine Festival last weekend (official recap here) we came across The Infinite Monkey Theorem wine. This was served in cute little cans featuring the cheeky primate in the picture above.

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Champagne Charlie

Colin Champagne - for posting

While purusing the shelves at our local wine store recently I came across a really appropriate gift, a bottle of Champagne ColinI then started to look for other names that might make excellent gifts for their namesakes. Here are a few of those that caught my eye:

2015-04-28 Alice Wine

2015-04-28 Aubry Wine

2015-04-28 Julia Wine

2015-04-28 Michelle Wine 2
With a truly personalized gift like this, little else is required. You want the name to be showcased so I would suggest using some clear wrap so that the impact upon giving is immediate. Then I would simply use some twine to secure it, allowing the bottle itself to be the most dominant feature.