Carefully Curated Calder


Sundays are for Sharing - Title

Today is the birth date of Alexander Milne Calder, a Scottish sculptor and patriarch of an artistic clan. Born in 1846 he worked on the Albert Memorial in London before moving to America. In the States he’s most famously associated with Philadelphia City Hall. He’s father to Alexander Stirling Calder and grandfather to the more well known Alexander “Sandy” Calder (creator of the mobile).

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Toothless Wonder

2015-18-15 Tooth Fairy

Today’s Product Spotlight is in honor of the upcoming National Tooth Fairy Day, on Saturday, August 22.

Everyone is familiar with the tooth fairy: the magical spirit who leaves a coin in return for a baby tooth. Typically the exchange is done under the pillow of a sleeping child, but there are now some wonderfully creative pockets in which to place the offering and receive the treasure.

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Coloring for Calm

IMG_7189Our daughter received this fabulous coloring book as a party favor from a recent birthday celebration. Using a unique water pen and featuring ‘magic’ pages, the pretty hues appear when wet. Watching her play, it looked so tranquil and relaxing. It also brought to mind coloring books for grown-ups…

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