“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone.” – Confucius

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Having the chance to give is truly a blessing.  Whether it is through the perfect present, carefully chosen words, or thoughtful actions, every day is an opportunity to give graciously.


I’m a Brit who’s passionate about finding just the right gift and sending personalized cards for all occasions. When I moved to the United States I became fascinated by the subtle cultural differences between our two nations and what was acceptable etiquette. It was during the process of assimilation that I came to the conclusion that being thoughtful is appropriate everywhere. I’m now an American citizen, with an American husband and children. However I’m still proudly British too. I’ve embraced the American culture while retaining an Englishness; I believe in paper correspondence, taking tea in the afternoon, and I eat with a knife and fork (at every meal). I want to pass along these values to my daughters.

A writing class inspired me to commit to a blog, and hence Presents, Prose & Politesse came into being. This site allows me to share my beliefs while indulging my love of photography; words and visuals working in tandem to communicate ideas. My hope is that I can inspire visitors to take a moment to think of others and to act upon those kind thoughts in a meaningful way. With posts aimed at sharing imaginative ideas, carefully crafted phrases, and thoughts on the topic of giving in general, I hope that this becomes a place of interest to others, and hopefully even a valued resource.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love this. Such an amazing idea to inspire others to embrace the beauty of generosity! I also hope to have a section devoted to gifting, helping, sharing and caring and look forward to your inspiration : )

  2. This is such a great reminder to give graciously, do random acts of kindness and pay-it-forward. Each day, each moment, is an opportunity to give of ourselves. Would love to read more!

  3. I love this intro of yours. Maybe it’s because we both have relocated from one place to another, and the two places have seemingly similar yet vastly different cultures. I look forward to more posts from your blog!

  4. I had to learn about the American fork system after growing up with knife & fork under British rule & culture. Then I married an Aussie who was already Americanized and after all these years, I’m still in a quandary. I like your writing style and easy sharing … 🙂
    ~ your new follower

  5. Your blog sounds so interesting! I’m a Brit with dreams of moving to the U.S. (or possibly Canada — Canada appeals to me because of its social health care system and gun laws, which the U.S. lacks. But I won’t discuss politics here as I’m aware that I mentioned two polarising issues!), so I will enjoy learning more about the U.S. via your blog. And I love your tagline: “every day is an opportunity to give graciously”. 🙂

  6. Wonderful. Uplifting.
    I came from a family WHO always ATE together. Except for very special occasions we ate in the kitchen, not watching TV.
    We had manners.
    We had awesomes family fun times together
    I did the same with My son and my nieces kids when they lived with me. With the daycare kids.
    Sadly, Danny and I don’t do that. Not my choice. He eats when he wants to, where he wants to. His night time meal, supper is eaten in the kitchen but right before he goes to bed. That may be 10 PM or 6 AM in the morning.
    I miss MEAL times.
    Americans have gotten SLOPPY. Inconsiderate.
    Maybe we always have been.

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