Gift guide: Galentine’s Day

It’s February, which as a friend put it is “love month”. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th, but it’s also Galentine’s Day on the 13th. Leslie Knope, of tv show Parks and Rec, created this holiday, a day for celebrating the women in your life.  Continue reading “Gift guide: Galentine’s Day”


9 ways to keep your friendships alive – from your phone

This week I read an article titled How to Maintain Friendships. It’s premise was the fact that as we get older it becomes harder to keep our friendships going as we get busier with work, children and other commitments. It mentioned 25 as being the age where we have the most social connections, but thereafter things decline. There are many documented benefits to being socially active and supported, including better health and longevity, so how do we reverse this trend and keep our friendships on track – especially when we don’t have much time?…  Continue reading “9 ways to keep your friendships alive – from your phone”


9 More Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

This week I’m inspired by the Glitter Guide’s post 9 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season. The holiday season is the giving season so it seems appropriate to focus on ways to give back. Their list has some really creative ideas. (I can’t wait to check out Gratitude Collaborative and I’m intrigued by Give Back Box…) In the spirit of sharing, here are 9 more ideas to add to the list.  Continue reading “9 More Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season”


5 Cyber Day Sales on Paper Goods

I love to send paper cards, read real magazines and create photo products I can touch. There’s something so satisfying about the tactile effect of paper. So now that Cyber Monday is here I’m enjoying the excuse to check out the sales and purchase some paper items. These are some of my favorites offers out there:  Continue reading “5 Cyber Day Sales on Paper Goods”


8 Random Acts for World Kindness Day

It’s World Kindness Day this week. In a society that offers so many ways to focus on ME it’s good to be reminded to think of others. It’s made me consider some ideas for little random acts of kindness…  Continue reading “8 Random Acts for World Kindness Day”


Paper Source Friends and Family Event

Notification of the Paper Source Friends and Family Sale appeared in my inbox this week. Having a store in my neighborhood makes this one of my go-to resources for wrapping, creative projects and little gift items – especially when I’m pushed for time – so I opened the email… Continue reading “Paper Source Friends and Family Event”