Father’s Day gifts that Dad will actually thank you for

With Father’s Day just over a week away, it’s time to get serious about finding your gift. While there are many cute/amusing/clever options out there that are immensely fun to purchase, these are some gifts that Dad will actually thank you for.

Croissant delivery – help Dad start his day right with this delicious pastry delivery.

Personal stationery – create some cool customized stationery to reflect his personality.

Coffee gift subscription – what could be more needed than a regular caffeine fix, particularly for the father of little ones.

A selection of sunglasses – order a box of 5 different styles for your guy to try out at his leisure at home.

Notebook subscription – eliminate all those scraps of paper once and for all.

Montblanc screen writer – a stylish and luxurious option for writing or drawing on a touchscreen.

Wireless charging base – makes grabbing his phone before he goes just that bit more effortless.

Micro-brewed beer club – interesting beers delivered to the door each month… need I say more?

Noise cancelling headphones – especially appreciated by Dads of newborns, and now wireless for added utility.


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