Last minute Mother’s Day gifts – so you don’t get disowned

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and you don’t have a gift… Do not despair. There’s still time to come up with a present and keep your Perfect Off-Spring title in tact.

These are some last minute gift ideas that will keep you in the good books. Not only that, you don’t have to leave your desk or find a babysitter for the kids to pull this one off.

Book Club for Two – Why not create an ultra exclusive book club for just your mother and yourself. With Amazon Prime there’s still time to have something delivered by Sunday. Find a tome relevant to times spent together, about a favorite vacation destination, or covering a shared interest. Take advantage of the gift message option to suggest you read this in tandem then meet up for tea to discuss it. You could even bring photos to share when you get together, making this a truly meaningful present.

Digital Cook Book – There might not be time to create and print a bound book by the weekend, but you can curate an electronic version on Blurb. Family recipes that have been handed down, are not found in any recipe book, or have little anecdotes attached to them would make a great collection to capture for Mom. Adding some photos of occasions when you have enjoyed them, and family members that absolutely adore them, would make this a really unique treasury.

Gift Box I.O.U. – One of my current favorites is Greetabl, a mini gift box that incorporates gorgeous designs alongside personal photos. An array of adorable items can be mailed inside, making this a fun gift to put together. Although time has now run out to send something for delivery by the big day, a cute I.O.U. that you can e-mail solves the problem.

Poetry – What could be simpler or more pure than a piece of poetry? Whether it’s something traditional or modern, published or self-created, you can find something to reflect your relationship and the tone you wish to convey. Pinterest offers a treasure trove of words paired with beautiful backgrounds that can easily be shared. Something can still become a treasured gift even when it’s not tangible.

Framing Gift Card & Gallery – You’ve suddenly been inspired to send a framed photo of one of your old haunts, but alas it’s a little too late. Luckily you can send a framing gift certificate that will take all the worry out of organizing and mailing such a present. Framebridge offers a great, affordable service. Pair their e-gift certificate with a selection of carefully chosen photos for the recipient to select from, and the gift instantly becomes more thoughtful.

I’m always on the look out for more last-minute gift options, so feel free to share yours here too. Thank you.






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