9 More Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

This week I’m inspired by the Glitter Guide’s post 9 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season. The holiday season is the giving season so it seems appropriate to focus on ways to give back. Their list has some really creative ideas. (I can’t wait to check out Gratitude Collaborative and I’m intrigued by Give Back Box…) In the spirit of sharing, here are 9 more ideas to add to the list. 

Image from Materious

Good Little Piggy This piggy bank has been a favorite gift of mine for a while. A spin on the classic, this set has a larger ‘Momma’ pig for saving and a smaller ‘Baby’ pig for donating. Teaching children the concept of philanthropy from an early age, this is a gift that will inspire compassion and independence.

Warby Parker –  How about treating your loved one to some cool specs and spreading some good at the same time? This hip spectacle shop is more than a mere retailer, it’s also a store with a heart. Through it’s Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program it’s distributed a tremendous 3 million pairs of glasses to those in need around the world.

National Parks Annual Pass – Family members might enjoy receiving an America the Beautiful Pass which helps preserve some of the nation’s most treasured land. Recipients are granted access to more than 2,000 federal sites across the country.

Wish Lists – Alternatively, instead of giving something to someone, give to their favorite charity. Cultural institutions like the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago are increasingly utilizing wish lists of items that can be purchased for their purposes. This is a fun way to donate since it provides a more tangible gift to share.

Social Good Scratch Cards – You’ve probably tried your luck at scratch cards in a group setting at some point. At this year’s holiday gatherings, how about making the winning be about charity? With the tag line It’s not luck, it’s love, these scratch cards reveal charitable rewards, with everyone a winner.

Donate Tickets – With all the holiday commitments on the calendar, you may find that you just can’t get to everything. Many children’s charities accept donations of tickets to events which can then be shared with families. The escapism that this provides can be a real tonic to those with sick children.

Donate Time – In lieu of giving money or things, good deeds can be performed at no cost. Serving dinner at a local shelter is a popular activity around the holidays. Seeing the direct result of your generosity is immensely gratifying

Food Drive – Every community has some type of food drive, whether it’s through a charitable organization like the Greater Chicago Food Depository, or arranged through a local church or school. Either volunteering your time to collect and organize supplies, or by providing goods, there’s a valuable role to be played

Adopt A Grandparent – Many elderly people live far from relatives or don’t have regular visitors. For them a visit from a younger person is a real treat, something to look forward to. Many places run adoption programs for their older residents, the benefits of which have been shown to be mutually beneficial.

Give joy this season!


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