Going Bananas

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We’re fitting in one last BBQ of the summer season. We’re lucky that it’s beautiful weather here in Chicago, so it’s perfect for spending a weekend outside. Here are some dessert ideas for casual outdoor entertaining, on a banana theme.

I love bananas: on their own, on toast, flambé, just about any way. However, frozen bananas seem to be a perfect way to enjoy them in the summer. This recipe for Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas (if you need one) is just fabulous for a grown-up way of indulging in this treat – with pistachios and cocoa nibs.

I also recently tried making some one ingredient banana ice-cream and it was remarkably easy – and felt so healthy too.

However if you want to enjoy your bananas on the grill, here’s a personal recipe that always seems to impress our guests:

Bananas Royale


Bar of dark or milk chocolate (my preference is dark)


Take the bananas (still in their skins) and make several incisions about an inch long, covering one side.

Place each banana on a piece of aluminum foil (large enough to wrap the banana).

Insert a chunk of chocolate into each incision.

Pour a little vodka into each chocolate-filled incision (allowing the foil to capture any excess).

Wrap each banana in the foil, then place them on the grill for 5 minutes.

Serve these still in the foil, for guests to unwrap themselves. Give them a little spoon and let them scoop out the gooey chocolate-vodka infused banana. These always get oohs of delight.

imageimageFor a more interactive experience you can provide all the pieces for everyone to create their own. I’ve used mini Hershey’s bars and vodka miniatures in the past, wrapping them into individual kits to add a cuteness factor. Preparing these is a lot of fun in a group.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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