Book Lovers Day

Sundays are for Sharing - Title

Today is National Book Lovers Day, a day when you can give yourself permission just to relax and read. – How absolutely perfect on a Sunday! In recognition of this day, here are some gift ideas for book worms… Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Book Lovers Day

  1. Hello there,
    I just got here and have only read this one post. So other than knowing you are a Brit living in the US and that you love giving the right gift I don’t know anything else.
    I do know you were in Blogging 201 with me but somehow, not surprising because of the sheer number of people there, we never connected.
    Love the Sundays is for sharing pic. Also the tote bags. Can we ever have enough.
    I always enjoyed being able to find just the right gift for someone.
    I enjoyed just seeing something and knowing my son would like it. So I would get it for him. I did that for Danny when I could…
    I love to read and miss the huge collection of books I had ALL over my house and at my son’s house in Colorado. I only have a few now. I get a few mailed here from our library but miss being able to go there and spend the day.
    Reading books on the internet just is not the same as holding a book in your hand and reading it. Smelling it. Feeling the paper.
    I miss taking it outside and reading it under a tree. I haven’t been up to doing that for a long time now.
    This simple post reminded me of the gifts my son and I use to give each other.
    Thank you.
    Happy Sunday,
    What are you reading today?

    • I’m glad you found your way here, Sarah! And I’m glad this post brought back fond memories. I agree, being able to touch a book has a certain pleasing quality, although I find I’m often reading on a screen instead. I try to read a variety of things. At the moment I’m reading ‘Bringing up Bebe’.

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