The Best of Back to School

I hate to spoil the last days of summer with mention of school… However, I always enjoyed the anticipation of the start of the school year. – The upcoming term (semester!) meant lovely new things. Aside from new shoes (I started that passion early) I loved picking out beautiful, pristine stationery and other related items.

To get everyone in the mood I’ve put together some gorgeous back-to-school items.

2015-08-05 Back to School - Favorites

a – All You Need Is Lunch Bag – a vibrant tote guaranteed to brighten up lunchtimes

b – Home Sweet Home Pencil Case – take your home to school with this dinky case

c – Chalkboard Dreams Notebook – somewhere to keep a track of all those ideas and inspirations

d – Apple-Shaped Sticky Notes – perfect for writing notes to teacher

e – Photographic Dog Backpack – cool place to stash all your fabulous new stuff

f – Lunch Lines – fun little notes to add to the sandwich box

g – Sketch Stylus – traditional looking with modern functionality

h – Kate Spade Eraser Set – mistakes can be corrected in an oh-so-stylish way

i – Tutti Frutti Colored Pencils – absolutely gorgeous set of double ended pencils


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