Words of Friendship

Sundays are for Sharing - Title

Friendship is defined in the dictionary as:

kindness or help given to someone; the relationship between friends


Today is  Friendship Daya day founded to celebrate these relationships.

While there are several different origins cited as to it’s start, including the American greeting card industry in the 1920s, World Friendship Day was created in Paraguay in 1958, while International Friendship Day was declared by the United Nations as late as 2011. (Fun fact: Winnie the Pooh is the official U.N. Ambassador of Friendship!) Both of these days are officially celebrated on July 30th, but for many others around the globe the first Sunday in August is the significant day.

With the advent of social media, Friendship Day has become more celebrated than ever. Below are some links to quotes about friends. Today would seem an appropriate time to share them.

Friendship quotes from famous personalities

Friendship quotes from books

BFF quotes

Friendship quotes and proverbs

(Photo source: Minka’s Bear Passion)


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