Pretty Post Planning

plannerA blogger’s planner… what an adorable idea!

This morning I came across The Bloggers Planner on The Brezel Diaries. Recently I’ve been considering how to keep on track with my blog (which I shared here), so this new post was certainly timely. I decided upon an electronic calendar, but with my affinity for stationery I was also drawn to this delightful paper version.

These notebooks boast some witty phrases on the front, or you can add one of your own choosing. I love how Charlotte has added her blog name to the cover of hers. Imagine how lovely it would be to receive a planner (or notebook) with your blog name on the cover. This would really make your online world tangible, legitimizing your efforts. As always, I’m going to keep this gift idea in mind.

Thank you for sharing, Charlotte!

(Photo source: The Bloggers Planner)


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