Books and Botanicals

Sundays are for Sharing - TitleLast weekend our neighborhood opened it’s gardens to the public. We like to potter around in the garden, but this year we enlisted some professional help to enliven our front yard. We were thrilled with the results and exhibited it during the festival.


Living in the MIdwest climate our gardening season is very short. So when the weather becomes warmer we love to spend as much time as possible working outside. Plants and the summer go hard in hand for us, so I was happy to see this article yesterday featuring books set in beautiful gardens. I would like to read one of these, but equally they would make lovely gifts. Imagine the following pairings:

Kew Gardens + membership to Kew Gardens

The Savage Garden + bottle of Italian wine

The Signature of All Things + orchid

The Lost Garden + National Trust membership

Gardens of Delight + Italian olive oil

I hope you enjoy a little outdoors time this Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Books and Botanicals”

  1. I love the idea of the gift pairings and am inspired to check out some of those books. It would be a great idea for my group of friends from book club who celebrate birthdays together too.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love what your blog is about too and the design/theme makes me want to read more – very neat and tidy without being stark. That is definitely the look I’m going for so I’m glad I stopped by.
    I really like the comment “blurb” at the top of your post which opened this box when I clicked on it. Did you customize a widget or is that something that came with your theme? If you don’t mind sharing the technique I’d love to do it too.

      1. Thanks very much for responding. I was actually referring to something at the top of the post that takes a reader directly to the comment box. Your site has a small empty dialog/text balloon (like in comic strips) that appears just above the title of the post. When I click on it, it opens the comment box with your customized greeting. The text box may be a feature of your theme rather than anything you created. I’m still exploring various themes.

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