Keeping to the Calendar


Today I’m setting up a calendar to schedule my blog posts. – So I can keep track of each series: Favorites, Product Spotlight, Inspirational Quotes, and Sundays are for Sharing. I’m also adding important dates such as Mother’s Day (both the British and American versions), St. George’s Day, and even National Tooth Fairy Day – days that inspire giving.

I have my calendars (work, family and individual) set up on the Apple Cloud and I love how I can access them on the go, viewing them individually or as one. However, I still know people who use paper planners, others that swear by over-sized calendars on the wall, and of course there are also other electronic options.

How do you manage your calendar? I would love to hear how you keep on top of your posting schedule.


5 thoughts on “Keeping to the Calendar

  1. I don’t keep an editorial calendar at all. I just blog when inspiration strikes, which lately, is every day. I need to build a backlog of posts while I’m in this very active writing mode. Sometimes life throws you off. I do plan on starting a weekly feature. My plan is to create a large number of those posts in one weekend and schedule them accordingly.

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