Just Great

2015-07-15 Late Greats Queen Elizabeth

Image: Late Greats

I’m creating a new series, Product Spotlight, to highlight items I think would make good gifts. To kick off I’d like to introduce you to Late Greats stuffy historical figures.

These stuffed figures – think mini pillows (around 12 inches tall) – are meticulously designed and produced. I’ve just purchased Queen Elizabeth I (shown above) and the level of detail is impressive. These dolls are created from drawings by owner/maker Chen Reichert, who undertakes careful research in order to fabricate a realistic representation. In this example there are recreations of different fabrics and a dramatic necklace. Then she adds her magical ingredients: “a sly grin, a blushed cheek and a pop of color to make it extra special!”

There are many people to choose from, including George Washington, William Shakespeare and Marilyn Monroe. – Something for everyone. I have my eye on several of these as future gifts. They’re just so unexpected and clever that they will surely be well received.


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