Mondavi Menu

2015-07-10 Mondavi Winery

2015-07-10 Lauren Lunch 1Yesterday I took lunch to a friend’s house. My friend is pregnant and required to take it easy, so it was a nice opportunity to pay back some of the good will I received during my pregnancy. I opted for a quiche and made a couple of salads from one of my favorite recipe books: Annie and Margrit – Recipes and Stories from the Robert Mondavi Kitchen.

2015-07-10 Luaren Lunch 2Margrit is the widow of the wine mogul Robert Mondavi. My husband and I had the opportunity to meet her during a lunch at the Robert Mondavi Winery while in Napa. Within the private dining room just two tables were set; our party (a wine tasting luncheon) and one other that included Margrit BIever Mondavi.

2015-07-10 Lauren Lunch 3Margrit very graciously agreed to sign her cook book and seemed genuinely interested to talk with another European and to share her interest in Chicago. Ever since I have enjoyed making her recipes, since not only does this bring back memories of a wonderful vacation, but they are so tasty yet simple to create.

I’ve given this book as a gift before. With its beautiful photographs, such as Margrit illustrating a menu, it makes a good coffee table book as well as being practical. Add a bottle of Mondavi wine and the present becomes so much more considered. Other suggestions to give with this cook book are:

– Olives and kosher salt – two of The Pantry staples listed in the book.

– Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a basil plant – to make Margrit’s Basil Vinaigrette (with a little tag to explain).

– A Whole Foods gift card – to purchase ingredients for a recipe of their choosing.

– A mortar and pestle – to make dishes such as Rosemary and Mustard-crusted Rack of Lamb.

Simple floral notecards – to use as invites, like the ones used for events at the Mondavi estate.


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