Chocoholic Celebration

Today is Chocolate Day. I came across some interesting facts in recognition of the occasion at For the Love of Chocolate. These are both fascinating and disturbing… Did Belgium really make a chocolate flavored postage stamp? And do we truly eat 100 pounds of chocolate as a nation every second?

In honor of the day I’ve put together a selection of chocolate treats for gifting – not all of them with calories included:

2015-07-07 Chocolate Day - Favorites

a – Essie Chocolate Kisses Nail Polish – a rich shade with an appetizing name

b – Minimink Chocolate Booties – the most adorable, cozy baby footwear

c – Le Pain Quotidien Noir Organic Chocolate Spread – possibly the best chocolate spread ever

d – Katz’s Chocolate Egg Cream Candle – made with essential oils by New York’s Katz’s Deli

e – Teavana Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice Herbal Tea – decadent and refined beverage with a touch of chili

f – Chocolat The Movie – the classic film revolving around a French chocolate shop

g – Vosges Milk Chocolate Truffle Collection – a beautiful, elegant gift from this boutique chocolatier

h – Cocoa Bean Sack Floor Pillow – up-cycled sack from the social enterprise, Recover



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