Two Cool Birthday Favors

2015-07-31 Penguin Invite

Our little girl celebrated her second birthday at school with a…


Birthday Party!

We went with a penguin theme, with touches such as a Paperless Post invite (partial image above), Happy Feet party hats, an igloo cupcake stand, and black and white tableware.

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201 Bloggers… And Counting


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been participating in WordPress’s Blogging 201 class. It’s about to come to a close so now seems an appropriate time to thank Krista and the WordPress team for their leadership and expertise, and all participants for generously sharing their blogs and thoughtful insights.

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Pretty Post Planning

plannerA blogger’s planner… what an adorable idea!

This morning I came across The Bloggers Planner on The Brezel Diaries. Recently I’ve been considering how to keep on track with my blog (which I shared here), so this new post was certainly timely. I decided upon an electronic calendar, but with my affinity for stationery I was also drawn to this delightful paper version.

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Books and Botanicals

Sundays are for Sharing - TitleLast weekend our neighborhood opened it’s gardens to the public. We like to potter around in the garden, but this year we enlisted some professional help to enliven our front yard. We were thrilled with the results and exhibited it during the festival.


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Keeping to the Calendar


Today I’m setting up a calendar to schedule my blog posts. – So I can keep track of each series: Favorites, Product Spotlight, Inspirational Quotes, and Sundays are for Sharing. I’m also adding important dates such as Mother’s Day (both the British and American versions), St. George’s Day, and even National Tooth Fairy Day – days that inspire giving.

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Belgian Chocolate


Today is Belgium’s National Day. We’ve visited the coutry twice and my memories include flavorful beer served in traditional bars, and impossibly decadent chocolate served at breakfast. This day prompts me to share my favorite chocolate spread – again! (I previously mentioned it here.)

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