Patience Is A Virtue


I just heard of someone who opens their birthday cards as soon as they arrive in the mail, however early, in case something happens and they don’t make it to the big day! Aside from this being a rather morbid attitude, I feel it spoils the sense of occasion on the big day… Or maybe it just extends the celebration.

What do you do? And how do you feel about gifts? Do you save them or open them immediately?


8 thoughts on “Patience Is A Virtue

  1. I wait until my birthday. Opening your card or present early is like opening your Christmas presents early! The person giving you the card/present intend for you to open it on that special day and waiting until the occasion builds up the anticipation.

  2. I wait. It kills me, but I wait. Everyone here waits. Unless the gift giver gives the okay to open it early, I think it means more to wait until the day it was intended. I mean, if someone was coming to a party, they wouldn’t give you the gift/card three days prior to open it.

  3. Loved this post haha! I always wait until my birthday! Please check out my blog if you get chance, I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  4. I open immediately. I’d say it extends the celebration. I never thought of waiting as I’m just opening the mail as it comes in and morbidity never entered as a thought.

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