At The End Of The Rainbow

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “ROY G. BIV.”

The Daily Post’s writing prompt provided the inspiration for a collection of gift suggestions for children around a rainbow theme.

Learning colors is a developmental milestone. A child will start to identify different colors around the age of eighteen months, although they won’t be able to name individual hues until quite a bit later. However, in the meantime playing with colors and mentally noting their differences will capture the imagination. You can facility this develop by providing opportunities for them to match colors and pointing and naming different ones with them.

This is something we’re having fun with right now. Our little girl seems to like orange and loves to say the word yellow in her own toddler pronunciation. She’s currently focused on her caterpillar gear toy, taking it apart, putting it back together, and rotating the individual parts, color by color. Below I’ve compiled a selection of our rainbow favorites:

2016-06-22 - Rainbow Toys

a – Caterpillar Gear Toy – a toy that hones dexterity while developing color knowledge

b – Bedtime Buddy Nightlight – a rainbow themed light for the bedroom

c – What Makes A Rainbow Book – a charming book with tactile ribbons inside

d – Playable Art Ball – colorful fun for all ages

e – Stacking Rings – the classic toy for babies up

f – Over The Rainbow Crayons – never underestimate the enjoyment of wielding a bright crayon

g – Pull-A-Tune Xylophone – musical pleasure from Fisher Price

h – Rainbow Playground Ball – an update on a playground staple


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