Father’s Day: Worth Every Penny

Since my husband works in finance and we’ve just had our second child, it was easy to pull together a theme for this year’s Father’s Day gift…

When our first daughter was born I purchased a onesie with an amusing slogan and took a photo of her wearing it. The not-so-amused expression was priceless and made a treasured picture for my husband’s desk. So now that we have our second daughter I searched out a similar item, took a photo in the same vein, placed it in another leather frame, and wrapped it for Father’s Day.



In keeping with the monetary theme I also got him a British coin marking this year’s royal birth. (Both of our children were born in the same year as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, and he has the other coin.) I packaged it all in financial green: green bag, green tissue, green tag and green ribbon. Then in amongst the layers I scattered foil covered chocolate coins, adding one to the tag for a touch of the Midas. I heard yesterday on television that the average American spends $115 on Dad for Father’s Day – worth every penny I would suggest!


What did you give for Father’s Day?


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