To Thank… Or Not To Thank

2016-06-18 Thank You Card

Since having my second daughter I’ve been thinking a lot more about how to create a culture of thanks in our household. With my traditional British upbringing I’ve always been taught to write thank you notes (and send birthday cards, as I blogged yesterday). I thought this standard was the norm, albeit now translated for a more relaxed, digital era. (I’ve been pondering for some time how a respectful thank you might look in this modern world, and will share more on that at a later date.) But regardless of how the thank you is conveyed, I want to instill the importance of those two words. So I was quite surprised to hear that this is not the expectation in every culture. An interesting post on A Cup Of Jo brought this to my attention, followed by some fascinating comments and examples. This makes me rethink… How do we ensure that the sentiment of our words and conduct come across, if the actual actions themselves are unfamiliar/unwelcome? I would love to hear your thoughts…

As an aside, this dialogue has also shown me the benefit of a blogging community. For this I am thankful.*

* To all who generously participated in the original discussion, please accept this as a thank you – if that would be appropriate.


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