Me And The Old People

imageThis card found me in a store the other day and I just had to buy it.

Although I don’t believe I’m the only person sending birthday cards anymore, I do believe that there are less and less people mailing paper versions.

Nowadays a post on a social media site or a text is deemed adequate. I think it’s a shame as there are so many beautiful/witty/clever cards around, and it gives such pleasure to receive a tangible greeting as well as to send one. The rational side of me feels rather guilty about all those trees, however there are many environmentally friendly options to ease the burden. Paper Bandit Press, which makes the above card, has an impressive green attitude:

We are environmentally friendly.  We recycle or reuse the packing our materials are shipped in and we print on sustainable cotton paper.  Much of our equipment is hand powered.  We have energy efficient LED light fixtures in our studio.  Even our envelopes contain at least 30% post consumer waste.

What are your thoughts on paper greeting cards? Who do you send birthday cards to? What do you do instead? I would love to hear from you…


12 thoughts on “Me And The Old People”

  1. I still like to give greeting cards, mainly to my family. I like picking out something I know they will like or find funny. Most other people just get a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

    1. I know it’s difficult to send cards to everyone. I do send some electronic greetings, to expand the circle of people I send birthday cards to. I tend to use Paperless Post, which still makes it seem like a card. Thanks for responding.

  2. I’ve always hated the idea of giving people cards because, to me, it felt like I was paying money for a piece of paper that said something generic on it, and people only cared about it because it was expected. However, receiving a birthday card is such an exciting feeling, especially now when it’s less common, and it really makes my day to get a card for any reason. I’m thinking I should rethink my stance on cards and start giving them out more frequently. Your post makes an excellent point.

  3. I love a mailed birthday card or any card in general. I’ll send them to family and to friends, just because! And I super love this card. Seriously. Hilarious.

  4. Believe it or not my husband and I have debated this greeting card thing. He’d send them out for every holiday. I refuse. We have negotiated the following occasions for greeting cards:

    1) Birthday (in lieu of a gift, the cash or gift card needs to go somewhere) but if you’re getting a present… no card for you.
    2) Wedding *see above gift stipulation
    3) Sympathy
    4) Thank you
    5) Christmas/Festivus/Hanukkah/Kwanza * see above gift stipulation
    6) Individual ‘personal’ holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding Anniversary)
    7) Valentine’s Day (significant other and/or your child)

    My husband and his Midwestern family love LOVE greeting cards. I was totally shocked people sent Easter cards, 4th of July Cards and Halloween cards. My brother sums up my family’s feelings about cards best when he said “don’t bother giving me a card, just tape $5 to the present and I’ll know it’s for me”

    Loved the post, can’t wait to read more

    1. That’s impressive you have such a detailed plan! I love to send a card if I see something appropriate, but I like to be consistent like you. I’m more likely to buy a card when I see it then put it away for the right moment.

      Thank you for taking the time to share!

      1. well that list was born of 10 years of negotiations 😉 what I want to know is how long do you save the cards?! Keeping a card from a relative who has passed on is a no-brainer but how long should I keep a birthday card?

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kelli! I’m glad you found the topic interesting and that it generated this discussion.
      I enjoy sending paper cards but I do have limits too. I agree, wedding anniversaries are (mostly) personal occasions to celebrate, Valentine’s Day does not need to be a card fest for everyone you know, and that the Fourth of July does not really need a paper greeting. (Although of course the great thing about rules is that they can be broken!)
      Thank you for continuing the conversation.

  5. Thought provoking! I still send a few Christmas cards, but birthday greetings in my family have become pretty much a Facebook thing. And yet, I LOVE to receive cards. But then, it’s so hard to throw them out! Can’t keep them forever….it’s a tough call for me.

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