Big Baby

These days there are baby products to cater for every possible need – and a lot of things that you have no real need for. I’ve tried to be discerning when making purchases, particularly now that we’ve had our second child. (We just don’t have the space.) However, there are some items that we would love even if we didn’t have kids. These would make excellent gifs, being appreciated not just by baby but by the grown-ups too. A selection are shown below – for the big kids amongst us:

2015-04-30 Baby Products Adults Will Love - Favoritesa – Burberry Baby Touch – a gentle perfume that works for mummys as well as babies

b – Chewbeads Astor Teething Necklace – a practical choice that also makes a lighthearted fashion choice

c – Twinkles To Go Octo – a cute nightlight that projects stars to magical effect

d – Jack Johnson Curious George CD – upbeat tunes that are easy on the adult ear

e – Sleep Sheep On The Go – a sound machine that makes you feel like you’re at the spa


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