Timely Thanks

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Thank-you notes are due right after presents are received. Ten minutes after would be a good time, but the absolute maximum, barring severe illness, divorce or absence from the planet, is two weeks.

So stated etiquette guru Miss Manners in an old article from the Chicago Tribune.

I have several thank you notes to write for gifts received, and I’m once again pondering what is an acceptable window of time in which to get them done. Of course I always try to get them written and mailed as soon as possible, so that the recipient knows that their parcel arrived and how much the contents were appreciated. However, sometimes they linger a while longer as “life gets in the way” (a phrase I have heard banded about a lot). Miss Manners scolds that saying you’re busy is not an excuse for sending tardy notes of gratitude (or not doing them at all), and I really have to agree. If someone takes the time to select a gift for you, wraps it with care, and goes to the trouble of mailing it or bringing it to you, then you should certainly find the time to write a little note of recognition.

As always, I’m curious about modern day etiquette and I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this topic…


3 thoughts on “Timely Thanks

  1. I’ve written and deleted my comment twice now, but didn’t want to leave without saying anything. Yes, I very much agree with you that especially at Christmas I think the exchanging of gifts has become another chore and is taken for granted too much. Nothing worse than spending an age looking for what you think is the ideal gift for someone only to never see the gift ever again, let alone have it mentioned.

  2. I think that two weeks is a good deadline to try to get thank you cards done by. If you set your deadline any longer than that, I find it’s easier to procrastinate. At least with the two week deadline, you can get a good start on the cards and it’s a week overdue, it’s not the end of the world.

    Your blog is refreshing (I will definitely start following it) as I am probably the only one out of my friend group that still likes to send birthday, Christmas, and thank you cards out. I look forward to seeing more posts :).

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