The Perfect Pencil Preserved

The Secret Life Of The Pencil… With an interest in words, I was intrigued…

(Source: The Secret Life Of The Pencil)

As an advocate of written correspondence and finding the appropriate words for all occasions, I was drawn to The Secret Life of The Pencil project. Seeking to honor the “humble pencil… where most of mankind’s greatest achievements begin”, this is a collection of photographs of this most basic of writing instruments. An exhibit has just opened, hosted by Paul Smith at No. 9 Albemarle Street in London, where you can view the stunning and varied studies. And if you have a hankering for an image of the stylus used by Sir James Dyson or Mike Leigh, you can make a purchase via an online auction benefiting Children in Crisis.

This enterprise sets the pencil up in a modern day challenge of manual versus technology. I find this ongoing dialogue fascinating; of course electronic communications facilitate many aspects of everyday life and productivity, however the oldest methods of communication are still effective and valid. I hope we never lose touch with the roots of creativity through writing and drawing by hand.


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