Bag Lady

I’ve always been rather obsessed with purses, and now that I have two small children that obsession has carried over into diaper bags. Under the guise of searching for the perfect one I’ve purchased a couple. (I use the word ‘couple’ in it’s more general definition, not meaning just two!) With this experience I feel qualified in making some recommendations in this area. Diaper bags make perfect gifts, being among the most appreciated baby shower items. They are, after all, virtually the only thing that is not solely for the baby, and if chosen correctly can make a mom-to-be feel attractive and stylish. Here are some of my favorites:

Skip Hop Versa:


(Source: Skip Hop)

The Versa functions like a diaper bag (insulated pockets, changing pad, etc.), but looks like a regular purse. I like it’s compact appearance and the way it sits close to the body. This is a great hands-free option for when I’m toting a toddler with no stroller to lighten the load.

Skip Hop Dash:


(Source: Target)

For going on the stroller I like the Dash. Skip Hop make some of the best diaper bags out there. Their bags come with stroller clips for easy attachment, and have all the practical features you could want. The Dash works well because it’s rigid shape means that nothing gets lost in the bottom.

Storksak + Bugaboo Leather Bag:


(Source: Storksak)

If the Mom-to-be is getting a Bugaboo stroller then the Storksak + Bugaboo Leather Bag would be a luxurious upgrade for her. Being leather it’s very practical, and in this dark color Dad would not object to carrying it either. This would be a generous gift to purchase in a group.

Marc Jacobs Elizababy:


(Source: Zappos)

The Elizababy is my absolute favorite from a style perspective. With a combination of short handles and crossbody strap it has good versatility. But what I particularly love is the fabulous print (Jerrie Rose) – both bold and feminine – which goes with a surprising amount of things.

Orla Kiely For Target:


(Source: Target)

Another designer I’ve always admired is Orla Kiely. Her recent designs for Target have made these distinctive pieces much more affordable. The diaper bags are worth checking out, with a recognizable stem design in attractive red or navy.

Giggle Pronto! Mini Changer:


(Source: Giggle)

Finally, for popping out of the house on quick errands, or for adding the essentials to a regular purse, a clutch version works perfectly. I use the Giggle Pronto! Mini Changer, which includes the essential mat while also holding just enough for a short outing.

I’m always on the look out for the perfect diaper bag – either for myself or as a gift – so I’d be interested to hear other people’s favorites.


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