The Road To Character

The Road To Character. This was the title of David Brooks’s talk when he addressed The Chicago Council on Global Affairs yesterday evening. The New York Times writer and author was explaining the concepts in his new book of the same name; the importance of moral substance as opposed to more superficial pursuits. I was intrigued…


(Source: Amazon)

The premise for this discussion was the fact that society positively recognizes us through our standing at work, etc., while encouraging an acquisitive nature. However, what really matters is what’s inside us, what makes up our character. Watching along on YouTube I was once again reminded that giving selflessly is important for us to find a sense of self that grounds us and gives us direction. By determining our personal building blocks of character we become the truly great people that we have the potential to be.

Today I’ve been mulling over the points he made. It was certainly thought provoking, which is always good, and it has inspired a renewed commitment to giving.


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