A Princess Called Charlotte

In honor of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, whose name was announced today, I’ve put together some namesake gift ideas. Charlotte is a beautiful, traditional name, one that is definitely worthy of highlighting.

Charlotte has great literary connections, with probably the most eminent Charlotte being the English author Charlotte Bronte. While many avid readers already have classics like Jane Eyre on their book shelves, this attractive cloth bound version would make a more unique gift:


(Source: Waterstones)

For many the name Charlotte also brings to mind another book, the childhood classic Charlotte’s Web. This quirky brooch is composed of text from this story, fashioned into a pig design in recognition of the book’s subject:


(Source: Etsy)

Charlotte is a popular name in literature, being both elegant and sweet, proper and playful. It’s endurance (consistently finding a home in the top baby name lists) has lead to its popularity on the page. I would suggest the children’s book Brave Charlotte as a lovely gift for a new baby:


(Source: Amazon)

The parents of a Charlotte might appreciate a drink with which to toast their new arrival. I found this single malt Scotch Whisky, Port Charlotte, that would seem appropriate for raising a glass to a life of health and happiness:


(Source: Binnys Beverage Depot)

For the grown-up Charlotte, the Annick Goutal perfume Eau de Charlotte would seem like a fitting, signature scent:


(Source: Saks Fifth Avenue)

Finally, for the money-is-no-object gift, a Charlotte Olympia Perfume Clutch, with ‘Charlotte’ emblazoned across it, would make a fun statement.

image(Source: Charlotte Olympia)

As a name fit for a princess, Charlotte is indeed worth recognizing.


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