Same Day Delivery

We’re rejoicing in our household over the news that Amazon will soon be offering a same day delivery service here in Chicago (as reported yesterday in Crain’s Chicago Business). I realize that most things are not so urgent that you need them immediately, but it is nice to get (reasonably) instant gratification when making a retail purchase. Where same day delivery really does become more valued, though, is when you’re making a gift purchase.

I tend not to leave gift buying till the last-minute, since I’m a believer in giving truly appropriate presents, and finding those does not tend to occur when you’re under pressure. But when things come up at the eleventh hour or life just gets in the way, same day delivery is a wonderful option to have. I’m sure there will be occasions when a last-minute invite appears and I don’t have the time to physically go out and find the perfect little something. Then I’ll definitely be making use of this service.

In the meantime, here are some gift options that can already be delivered the same day:

2015-04-30 Same Day Delivery - Favorites

a – Cookies by Design – imaginative cookies galore for all sorts of occasions

b – Nordstrom – personal deliveries for the lucky few (in certain zip codes)

c – GiftRocket – online gift card which allows you to merely suggest what to purchase

d – Gift Blooms – floral and other traditional gifts delivered to the door

e – Magazines.Com – magazine subscriptions that can be emailed to your chosen recipient


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