Words Are Golden

In our house we love The Color Kittens and The Saggy Baggy Elephant, characters in the Little Golden Books. They’re not something I grew up with in England, but I like the fact that they have heritage and have entertained children for generations. Plus the illustrations are just so appealing.

Now Random House Children’s Books has teamed up with The Land of Nod to promote the books while at the same time giving to kids that don’t have the same access to literature. For every one of these books purchased at The Land of Nod the publisher will donate another book to Milk+Bookie, a non-profit promoting childhood literacy. For me the appeal of this organization is not just that they give books away, but that they seek to involve children in the process too, suggesting that they take part in the “choosing, inscribing and giving”. My girls are very young but I want to cultivate a culture of caring and sharing as they grow, and this sounds like a program that would allow that to happen. I’m looking forward to taking them into our local store to make a purchase.


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