Write On

April is National Letter Writing Month.

This week Paper Source promoted their support of the Write_On Campaign, “a campaign to promote joy, creativity, expression and connection through hand-written correspondence”. Challenging everyone to write a letter a day for 30 days, this campaign appealed to my traditional values. All too often we use excuses to avoid creating written notes (“I’m too busy”, “it’s quicker to e-mail”), when a piece of snail mail would be so much more appreciated. I get tremendous pleasure from receiving a paper note and I’m always encouraged when others feel the same. Although I’m not sure I will be commiting to a letter a day, this is a good reminder to hold true to my values and make the extra effort to hand write greetings to friends.

Write_On have created writing kits to get you started. I’ve also put together ten prompts to inspire those letters, and have come up with some other notecards that might be fun to use. Happy writing!

Just wanted to say hi – it’s been a while… (Paperchase)

2015-04-09 - Hello Sausage photo

Don’t you miss the days of receiving real mail? (Greer Chicago)

)2015-04-09 - Snail Mail photo

Want to do coffee? (Paper Source)

2015-04-09 - Coffee photo

I’m having an open house – please join me. (Minted)

2015-04-09 - Home photo

How’s being a mommy treating you? (Greer Chicago)

2015-04-09 - Mom photo

I just read a great book and thought of you. (Paperless Post)

2015-04-09 - Book photo

Wanted to share this fabulous recipe with you: (Williams Sonoma)

2015-04-09 - Recipe photo

It’s springtime! Let’s plan to get out on the water again… (Paper Source)

2015-04-09 - Anchorl photo

How’s the photography class going? I’d love to hear all about it. (Papyrus)

2015-04-09 - Camera photo

Here’s a quote I thought you’d appreciate… (Paper Source)

2015-04-09 - Jane Austen photo


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