Aromatic Anniversary


The Inn Above Tide, Sausalito, California, is the most relaxing hotel I have ever stayed in. Conde Nast Traveler agrees, ranking it amongst the Best Hotels in the World, 2013. We stayed there for our honeymoon, which makes it extra special to us.

Luxurious yet understated, this hotel’s unique quality is its waterfront location, with private decks sited over the San Francisco Bay. Stimulating all of the senses with its stunning views of the city and Alcatraz, the sounds of lapping water and barking seals, the touch of the damp, foggy night air, the occasional taste of salt, and the smell of the Bvlgari products that were provided, the experience was all-embracing. This was the first time I’d come across Bvlgari’s The Blanc and I was completely captivated; with a base note incorporating white tea it promoted relaxation in a subtle, sophisticated manner.

For our wedding anniversary this weekend I purchased Bvlgari’s The Blanc candle, to recapture the memory of our stay. With its clean fragrance and simple presentation it did not seem appropriate to over adorn the gift with complicated wrapping. Instead I opted for a sliver of silver ribbon tied directly onto the box. To accompany it I made my own card, using a photo taken from the deck during our stay, attached to some argentate cardstock. I liked the simplicity of this against the white packaging. Sometimes less is more, even in gift giving.


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