Stellar Gift


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A chalice – a drinking cup or goblet – these days conjures up images of Harry Potter or some other mystical connection. Stella Artois have also produced a version, a limited edition chalice in support of For every glass purchased, five years of clean water can be provided for one person in the developing world, a different kind of magical association. These pieces are not only practical but also beautiful, feature enchanting etched patterns inspired by India, Ethiopia and Honduras, with the celestial Stella Artois star image on the stem. I like the idea that these would not only make useful and attractive gifts, but also help fund such a worthy cause, sharing a good message with the recipient.

Wishing someone a cup that “runneth over” is to wish that they will always have more than they need – they will never go without. This is a nice sentiment for a home, so I have purchased a couple to give to friends when we go visiting.


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