I follow the blog Design Mom, a creative look at family life. Gabrielle, the talented mother, is something of a heroine for the way she manages six children while still taking the time to share imaginative ideas. She transforms daily life seemingly effortlessly, taking the mundane to the magical. Her last post featured this interesting website for framing photos via a mail service: Framebridge. You can read her full post here: Framed Photo Booth Strips with Framebridge (the above is her photo). As she mentions, this service could be used to create gifts for Mother’s Day or other occasions. I also have a lot of photos that I need to do something with and I love to share them in new ways. There are many things to recommend this service: a simple process (including the option to upload straight from Instagram), a framing cheat sheet (to help you determine what will work best), and stylish options (plus designer advice if needed). I respect Gabrielle’s judgement so I’m excited to create a gift using Framebridge.


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