Little Angel


We received an unexpected gift this week. – A cute little London Underground logo top from a friend in England, just because she saw it and thought of our little girl. It’s always so nice to be given something out of the blue, for no particular reason. It reminds us that others are thinking of us, and have acted upon those thoughts with no sense of obligation.

I like to buy presents when they catch my eye. That way I’m more likely to give a meaningful gift, rather than a mediocre purchase made under the pressure of an impending birthday. Picking up a particularly apt card or the ideal wrapping paper when I see it, and keeping it in a dedicated location for later, really helps keep our gifts personal. It’s amazing how many times the ‘perfect’ item is sold out if you leave it and come back later. It feels rather empty to give a gift that is just ok, however much you end up spending in compensation for lack of appropriateness. In comparison, it brings me great pleasure to share even a small token if I know it’s perfectly suited to the recipient.

We were so touched by the little Angel T for our own little angel.


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