It’s A Wrap

As the end of the month nears it’s a time to reflect on the achievements of January, symbolically the month that sets the tone for the year ahead. I get great satisfaction from cleaning and organizing at this time, from taking down the rich holiday décor to tidying out those long-neglected drawers. One of the goals I had for this month was to organize our wrapping supplies. My husband and I are both fastidiously tidy people but as the frenzy of the holiday season is upon us and there are many items to be packaged, this area always gets a little jumbled. So I tasked myself with pulling out all those rolls of paper, ribbons and pretty odds and ends and set about putting them back again in a logical order.
I always have a comprehensive supply of gift packing items on hand:
Wrapping paper
Cardstock (to make gift tags)
Rubber stamps (to decorate those gift tags)
Ad hoc décor
However, while I was sorting through I was reminded that not everyone has a mini retail store in their spare room, which brought to mind a recent post I’d seen about creating a gift wrapping kit as a gift in itself.
This is such a fun yet practical present and I can think of many people who would be happy to receive such a starter kit. I’m going to create similar collections as I need hostess gifts. To really personalize them I will add an initial stamp or a stamp that relates to the receiver specifically – such as an anchor for a sailor or a bird for an ornithologist. These could then provide the theme for the collection as a whole. I very much like the idea of a gift that encourages giving.

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