Inspirational Quotes: Good Energy is Contagious

I was inspired by this collection of inspirational quotes in Red Magazine (a favorite British magazine). – A series of thought-provoking sayings could be a befitting thing to share on my blog.

I find there are so many quotes or phrases that touch and inspire me. I’m always intrigued by the quotes that people attach beneath their e-signatures, although I would find it hard to pick one that embodies all that I am or aspire to be. But as an inspiration I find them invigorating and influential, prompting me to strive to become that better person or other such encouraging motivation.

When I come across particularly interesting phrases I store them in my creativity note book, ready to use when the occasion arises: inside a new job card, in a friendly get-ready-for the weekend text, or on a gift tag. As Nadia Narain’s quote below (from the above article) reminds us, we should always be there for others with those positive vibes.


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