It’s A Wrap

As the end of the month nears it’s a time to reflect on the achievements of January, symbolically the month that sets the tone for the year ahead. I get great satisfaction from cleaning and organizing at this time, from taking down the rich holiday décor to tidying out those long-neglected drawers. One of the goals I had for this month was to organize our wrapping supplies. My husband and I are both fastidiously tidy people but as the frenzy of the holiday season is upon us and there are many items to be packaged, this area always gets a little jumbled. So I tasked myself with pulling out all those rolls of paper, ribbons and pretty odds and ends and set about putting them back again in a logical order.
I always have a comprehensive supply of gift packing items on hand:
Wrapping paper
Cardstock (to make gift tags)
Rubber stamps (to decorate those gift tags)
Ad hoc décor
However, while I was sorting through I was reminded that not everyone has a mini retail store in their spare room, which brought to mind a recent post I’d seen about creating a gift wrapping kit as a gift in itself.
This is such a fun yet practical present and I can think of many people who would be happy to receive such a starter kit. I’m going to create similar collections as I need hostess gifts. To really personalize them I will add an initial stamp or a stamp that relates to the receiver specifically – such as an anchor for a sailor or a bird for an ornithologist. These could then provide the theme for the collection as a whole. I very much like the idea of a gift that encourages giving.

Inspirational Quotes: Good Energy is Contagious

I was inspired by this collection of inspirational quotes in Red Magazine (a favorite British magazine). – A series of thought-provoking sayings could be a befitting thing to share on my blog.

I find there are so many quotes or phrases that touch and inspire me. I’m always intrigued by the quotes that people attach beneath their e-signatures, although I would find it hard to pick one that embodies all that I am or aspire to be. But as an inspiration I find them invigorating and influential, prompting me to strive to become that better person or other such encouraging motivation.

When I come across particularly interesting phrases I store them in my creativity note book, ready to use when the occasion arises: inside a new job card, in a friendly get-ready-for the weekend text, or on a gift tag. As Nadia Narain’s quote below (from the above article) reminds us, we should always be there for others with those positive vibes.


Never Too Early To Say Thank You


Following the gift giving season there are always plenty of thank you notes to send. Although my daughter isn’t old enough to write yet I wanted to introduce her early to the notion of saying thank you in a traditional way. For this purpose I picked up some thank you notes from Target that had space for her to draw on the front. I like the fact that they say “thanks” while also allowing her the opportunity to add her own mark. She loves to take control of a crayon, developing her motor skills while we establish a culture of being appreciative.


Happy New Year!

I almost never make a new year’s resolution – who wants to set themselves up for failure?! More importantly, I believe that you should be motivated and committed enough to set goals and achieve them all the time, not just because tradition dictates it once a year. However, this year I have tasked myself with a resolution… to regularly write and post on my blog!

It’s been another season of giving and receiving some wonderful gifts, sharing inspiring messages with family and loved ones, and doing good deeds. I look forward to sharing some of those with you and to another year of Presents, Prose and Politesse.

Happy new year!


Card from Paper Source