Fall Flowers and Foliage

I was lucky enough to receive these fabulous fall flowers this weekend – just because.

I love the changing seasons and I’m always ready for the change of colors that come with Autumn (as I know it). – The muted light, the darker clothing, and of course the rich foliage.

There are so many options for creating inspiring bouquets at this time of year. Here are two quite different arrangements that caught my eye:


Dahlias and zinnias dramatically arranged by Sarah Keady at Red Magazine..

Symmetrical roses and lilies featured in Elle Decor magazine.

Ocher, persimmon, plum, amber, vermilion, carmine, russet… The tones of fall are plentiful. Utilized in different combination – complimentary or mismatched, balanced or disproportionate, neat or irregular – the ubiquitous hues of fall do not need to seem repetitive. In creating your seasonal bouquet, think about the effect you want to achieve: harmonious, theatrical or contemporary. Decisions about shape, size and can all help realize your vision. And of course the most important driving factor in composing your masterpiece? Knowing the recipient.


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