Piece of Cake

A babysitter just got married so we want to give her a celebratory gift – something small and not personal. This Cupcake Prosecco looked pretty and fun. Keeping with the theme I paired it with a wedding cake card, making the bottle selection more relevant. Then I selected a bottle bag covered in delicate flowers, cream and blue tying the gift presentation together.



Fall Flowers and Foliage

I was lucky enough to receive these fabulous fall flowers this weekend – just because.

I love the changing seasons and I’m always ready for the change of colors that come with Autumn (as I know it). – The muted light, the darker clothing, and of course the rich foliage.

There are so many options for creating inspiring bouquets at this time of year. Here are two quite different arrangements that caught my eye:

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A Wee Dram

Today I have Scotland on the mind… It’s the day when the country will vote upon independence from the United Kingdom – a historic occasion.

The following amusing card caught my eye:


Paired with a good Scotch Whisky this would make a fun (and appreciated!) gift, with great relevancy today/this week. With a Scottish mother we will definitely be watching the results come in. And I’m sure we’ll be having a wee dram (little drink) in our household tonight!


Summer Send Off

This past weekend we were invited to an ‘End of Summer Celebration’ – a party in a friend’s beautiful and expansive garden. Because it was a family-friendly affair I decided against taking a ubiquitous bottle and focused instead on finding a quirky little summer gift. I found this perfect sign:


 I paired it it with an ice-lolly design towel and packaged it with a matching lolly tag, cheery tissue and a polka dot bag:


It turned out to be a sunny day, with hearty outdoor dining and fun games – the perfect summer send off.