Brushing up on your Literature


As a member of a Book Club, I have many bibliophile friends. When I spied this book brush some time ago I knew I would have occasion to make a gift of it for one of my fellow readers. This is the ultimate tool for taking care of your prized tomes, and something so quaint given the current trend for e-readers. I’m going to wrap the brush in this Penguin titles gift paper, continuing the traditional book theme. Definitely an opportunity to brush up on your literature!


Handbag & Heels


These petite ‘Handbag & Heels’ chocolates are just adorable; cocoa-colored high heels carefully encased in a dinky, cerise handbag. Created by Charbonnel et Walker, “chocolate manufacturers to the Queen” this little hostess gift not only has boundless style, but royal pedigree too.

This little tote would make a stylish thank you for guests at a bridal shower; the perfect gift for perfectly fabulous ladies.


Rules Britannia

Rules Britannia

I have always wanted to dine at “the oldest restaurant in London”, Rules. Dating back to 1798, with tales of monarchs and mistresses, political pundits and literary luminaries, this place had especially caught the imagination of my American husband. So during our recent trip to England I made a reservation and put together a parcel for him that included the book Rules, Britannia: An Insider’s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom, to provide an intriguing reference to the destination of his holiday treat.

Rule Britannia!



App Card

January is my birthday month and I received this gift from some of my dear girlfriends.

With a new iPad to furnish, this Apple Gift card was a welcome present as it works not just in the iTunes Store, but the App Store and iBookstore. I was also impressed with the modern wrapping; a streamlined tin with funky graphics. I will definitely be adopting the sustainable route and reusing this box, and have added it to my gift supplies already.


Mozart, Musical Maestro… or Mallard?

Mozart Duck

We didn’t forget our musical friends in Vienna either…

In a city renowned for the Vienna Boys Choir, the waltz, and a long list of musical royalty, this rubber duck spoke to us from a shop window. Mozart was part of the set which produced Viennese Classicism, along with other notables such as Haydn, Beethoven and Bach. We will keep this little souvenir in mind for a music maestro or a baby born to musician friends.


Gift Horse


Our trip to Vienna provided much inspiration for gifts…

We spent our first waking hours within the city as spectators of the morning exercise at the Spanish Riding School. The nimble and fantastical choreography was quite mesmerizing as the Lippizaner stallions trotted, side-stepped and danced inside a fabulously ornate room (complete with chandeliers) within the Hofburg Palace. Afterwards, still entranced, we headed to the gift shop and came across horseshoes from the equine residents. Horseshoes have long been associated with good luck, so it seemed a good purchase for a future new home gift, especially for one of my horse-rider friends. As the phrase goes…

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!


Torte Temptation

Sacher TorteSacher Hotel

Vienna is still on our minds a week after returning from this European city. Today I’m especially thinking of the fabulously decadent Sacher Torte, a chocolate cake made to a secret recipe at the Sacher Hotel. We patiently stood in line to visit this historic cafe (dating back to 1876) and sample this world-renowned local fare. Together with a rich, dark coffee this was the perfect pick-me-up as dusk closed in.

We have since learned that the Sacher Torte can be ordered and sent worldwide, which could make a wonderfully original gift for a foodie/Europe-lover… or be the failing of our healthy-eating new year’s resolution… Temptation indeed!