Countdown to Thanksgiving… 5

Thanksgiving is a relatively new holiday for me (it is not celebrated in England), but one I warmly embrace. I love the sentiment of setting aside commercialism and reflecting upon all there is in life to be grateful for, and at the same time thinking of others.

With it being Thanksgiving week I thought it would be appropriate to countdown to the feast day with 5 reasons to be thankful…

Thankful for friendships

I often advocate sending paper cards through the mail, but there are times when an electronic card is appropriate. We always mail holiday cards in December but its nice to acknowledge friends over Thanksgiving too. Paperless Post have added some stylish and imaginative designs (like the above) that look like heavy-weight traditional cards but can be sent with a few clicks of the mouse, and at little cost to the environment. I’m going to savor choosing a design and finding the appropriate prose to convey my appreciation for friendships. It’s something I relish doing!


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