Just Desserts

 Stressed spelt backwards is desserts

We received this sugary card from my Mother-in-Law this week. I try to send cards that relate to the person I’m sending them to. But you can also learn so much about someone by what they send to you.

My husband’s mother loves desserts when the occasion arises. We’re seeing her next week so I’m going to create a British dessert – or pudding – when we get together. One of my absolute favorites is trifle. Trifle is a concoction made from thick, yellow custard (Birds custard powder makes the most authentic), placed in layers between pieces of sherry-soaked, jam-smeared sponge, then topped with thick, whipped cream. In our household my Mother insisted we had Scottish Trifle, as opposed to English (as her heritage dictated). This was differentiated, she informed us, by the fresh raspberries in the bottom of the dish rather than stodgy jelly.

Scottish trifle has always been one of our Christmas Day desserts, so it seems appropriate that I share this with my American family during their feasting time of Thanksgiving. – Our just desserts.


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