Great Goody Grab-bag

This was a great goody bag; a little tote filled with Kiehl’s beauty product samples.

We received this take-away from an event we recently attended. The dinky size was instantly appealing, as was the stylish bag and contrast ribbon, and of course the Kiehl’s brand name. They make some great products so I was thrilled to be able to try several new ones without a major investment. It was so nice to get a swag bag full of things you could use.

I often find myself stock-piling the samples I acquire from various sources, such as the beauty counter or magazines. This give-away made me think that I should re-gift them. Anyone who travels knows the value of small, airplane-friendly sachet. And many girlfriends like the opportunity to pamper themselves over the holidays. I’m going to put together something similar, making these little add-on hostess gifts for the upcoming season. When you’re buffed, toned, smoothed and soothed, the social whirl is so much easier to handle!


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