Chaos Never Dies Day

Apparently it’s Chaos Never Dies Day today, November 9.

Performing an internet search reveals that this is the day when we acknowledge the disorder in our day-to-day lives. Although there are zillions of gadgets and apps to help us through the turmoil, it seems that our days get ever more chaotic. Sometimes it’s all we can do to keep ourselves on track (work, family, social commitments and a long list of to-dos). It can be easy to forget other people…

Today is the day to take some control back and implement small changes to create order. I try to keep a track of birthdays and other upcoming occasions on my calendar, which I carry with me on my iPhone. With electronic reminders set ahead I endeavor to remember and also acknowledge what’s going on in others’ hectic lives. Isn’t it nice when someone recognizes what’s happening in your busy world?


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