British Bears

These upscale furry fellows caught my eye in the Harrods airport store on our last trip to London. I squirreled them away to use as a holiday present when the occasion arose. Today was that day.

A group of eleven girlfriends (“the girls”) and I get together for a holiday gift exchange every year. When I moved to Chicago and first joined the social circle most of us lived in the city. Now four of the gang are spread across the United States, from California to New Jersey, but we still make the holidays a time to remember each other in this way.

This morning a few of us, spouses in tow, got together over brunch to pull the names which would decide who buys a gift for whom. Our host and hostess have small boys, so I thought they would appreciate this first step to the holidays gift. – Three British bears to hang on their tree: a Bobby (policeman), a Beefeater (guard at the Tower of London), and a Guardsman (from Buckingham Palace).

Let the countdown begin!…


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