L of a Birthday

There is something so lovely about receiving a card through the mail – something tangible that shows that someone cares, and cares enough to take action.

I love to send cards to my friends for different occasions. A fellow Book Club bookworm turns (a young!) 50 today, so I created this card using a Treat template. I use this online website often, for all manner of cards, as it has some inspiring formats that I can customize with appropriate wording and some of my photos. When greetings are often directed in the form of a short e-mail or an online post, a paper product really makes someone feel special. This online store also has the advantage that it will mail the card directly to your recipient and it works out a lot cheaper than sending a store-bought card.

I came up with a personalized message by working in the letter L. L is the Roman numeral for 50 and happens to be the birthday girl’s initial:


We hope your birthday is

a page turner!

We look forward to celebrating your

next chapter at the party.

Wishing you a content-ed day!!


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