Forever in our Hearts

Forever in our Hearts

May you find comfort

in sweet and happy memories

that will forever remain

In Deepest Sympathy

This week, not one, but two friends lost a parent. One a Father who had the zest for life of a much younger man, and another a Mother with an overwhelming love for her family, especially her grandchildren.

Of course I sent cards. To me its important to focus on the memories and to know that in time those will bring you the comfort that seems so unthinkable right now. The girls also rallied around and we sent a care package to our friend, with some of her favorite treats. For our other friend, who lives in our neighborhood, my husband and I stopped by with homemade Cottage Pie, the British equivalent of a neighborly casserole.

Cottage Pie should not be confused with Shepherd’s Pie; the former contains beef, whilst the latter is made of lamb (obvious when it’s pointed out). For the English the doyenne of all foods British is Delia Smith, who’s been providing the public with no-nonsense recipes (“they always work”) since the 1970s. This is my go-to comfort food so I was pleased to be able to share it with our dear friend and his family at this difficult time.

Our friends and their loved ones are in our thoughts.


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