Rhapsody in Blue

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It was Open House Chicago this past weekend so we decided to combine a couple of tours with a downtown brunch.

We were particularly taken with the behind-the-scenes tour at The House of Blues, with its exclusive access to the green rooms and private club quarters. The performers’ rooms were brightly painted with a feel of Southern hospitality. Although rather homely, the worn furnishings gave a sense of the legendary artists that have passed through, authenticated by the autographs covering the floral artistry of the bathroom walls. The private rooms were darker and very spiritual in nature with their ancient Indian artifacts and hand-woven Gujarat cloth-lined walls. Prayer and rock-and-roll in juxtaposition to sensational effect. Also on our route was an opulent dining room with Moroccan features such as draped canopies and lanterns alongside English mahogany and stained glass.

As we departed our guide let us in on some news… the magical dining room will soon be opening to the public. We have some friends that we like to enjoy fabulous meals with so I immediately thought of them. Gaining a reservation for some new eatery is as much a gift as treating someone to the meal itself. My mouth is watering already.


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