Treasure Island

Last night my Book Club set sail for Treasure Island… 

As host of this month’s discussion the topic provided easy inspiration for our get-together. I enjoy hosting friends and treating them to a creative setting where they can enjoy food, drinks and good conversation. Good conversation I knew would be easy; an intelligent, animated group of women who enjoy getting together over a passion for books. As for the hospitality, I started with a treasure map…

The invitation I created was a simple parchment-like template from Yahoo. E-mails are the preferred mode of communications for this group so this seemed like a low-key, yet entertaining option. An internet search provided a wealth of pirate speak which I conjured into the text:

Ahoy me heartys!
Shiver me timbers, it’s time for Treasure Map Club this Friday (the 12th day of October). Walking the plank commences at 7pm.
We will feast on pirate’s pie, something for the lily-livered non-carnivores, and oh-ho-ho, a bottle of rum! (And it costs no pieces of eight.)
We set sail for Treasure Island from the Jolly Roger Ranch.
Let me know if you be a matey or a landlubber!

For the evening itself I added these buccaneer-inspired touches, set Treasure Island the movie on our big-screen television (muted) for some visual interest, and sat back with my fellow sailors for leisurely conversation.


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